Saturday, January 15, 2011

Must-Eat 2011 lineup

As a follow up to my well traveled 2010 "best" comes the must have's in 2011

In no particular order.
  • Torrisi Italian Specialties - Heard great things about this place from coworkers & friends.  This would make the list for "What i'm most pissed off at myself for not eating at in 2010!"
  • Locanda Verde - Could care less about De'niro, it's all about Andrew Carmellini.  Can you say "Little Owl"?
  • Babbo - Batali's finest.  One of the hardest reservations to get in the city but I heard the walk-in bar seating is pretty awesome!  To my wife...birthday..Vday..any day???
  • Winepub, Burger & Barrel - The bash burger at Lure was amazing. So why not.  Besides on Monday's they throw the Short Rib Reuben with braised short rib, horseradish, Russian dressing, coleslaw and Taleggio cheese. YUM!
  • Marc Forgione - This year's winner of "The Next Iron Chef" seriously seems like an awesome chef...and a cool dude to grab a beer with.  The NYTimes review of Rob Lieber getting thrown out of his restaurant makes me even more interested in checking out this place.
  • Dressler in Brooklyn - Just heard too many good things about this place not to check it out. 
  • Fatty Cue - Just another one of those Hipster/Trendy places in Williamsburg that's a must eat.  Already taken down Pies & Thighs, Fette Sau, Lugers & River Cafe.  
  • Ma Peche - David Chang.  Need I say more.
  • Korilla BBQ - Ok so actually this is a not technically a restaurant but I've heard great things about these guys. Truth be told they may be somewhat of a knockoff of Kogi BBQ of LA but who cares.  Rumor has it they make a mean burrito.
  • Russ & Daughters - Southside version of Barney Greengrass.  
Notables:  Ai Fiori & the "White Label" burger, ABC Kitchen, Kin Shop, 

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