Sunday, January 16, 2011

What Makes NYC Cooking So Special

8 am Sunday morning.

Couldn't sleep.  Realized the burger, chicken fingers, fries, onion rings, B&W shake just weren't a good idea.  Or in reality maybe it was the 2 16 oz. Jack & Gingers that I took down last night with a straw.  Yeah either way, the sleeping days are over for me & my wife.  The late night twitches, snoring, constant rolling over are just not making the hours between 12am & 8 am enjoyable this 2011.   I really shouldn't complain's 2x worse for her.  

So I'm up.  Just ground a cup of Rook coffee and put up a pot.  The smell is invigorating, really takes over the entire apartment.  I'm still not convinced my coffee skills are up to par but for this Sunday morning it will have to do.  Thanks to Cooking Channel for the 6 oz to 5 Tablespoon measure.  

It's been a couple weeks since I've gotten a chance to cook something.  Maybe it's the weather or maybe it's the reality of a pregnant wife.  To be honest, I'm just not convinced anything I cook these days are going to be good to her.  It's a matter of fact, nothing against my cooking but the delivery guy seems to be the trend of choice  these past few weeks.  Although, did I tell you she loved my Brisket sandwiches??

Like every Sunday morning, I typically wake up earlier than the rest.  Put up the pot of coffee & plant myself in front of the TV.  There's not much on the tube this morning, nothing good going on in the world today; sports lack interest due to everything being about the "Return of the JETS"; and all that's on every food channel this morning is Giada.  Oh..G...I...A...D...A.  I mean don't get me wrong, she looks great but would you actual consider her a great chef?  I'd like to see her in my kitchen making dishes like she does on TV.   

Alright, time to get started on the topics...(Thanks Giada).

Since the cooking is on a hiatus we're moving on to this morning's Top 10 list.  I promise this will be my last. 

Top 11 Essentials for NYC Apt Cooking.   

**Please note, the opinions of this blog are mine, so in know way am I telling you what you need. Thx. ** 

1) A good chef's knife.  Bourdain told me I need an 8" Global Chef Knife and man was he right.  Since then I've moved on to 10"'s of greatness but in any event a good knife or knives is extremely important

2,3,4) A Double-Boiler, Cast Iron Dutch Oven, and a stainless frying pan.  You don't need all the crazy sizes, stir fry pans, non stick stuff.  Just one of the each listed  I promise you.  You can cook anything & everything in them.

5) Lodge Cast Iron 12" pan.  My all time favorite.  Make sure you season it every so often but you won't realize how great $34 of iron can make you cook like a champ!

6) Salt & Pepper grinder.  It's simple...Toss the S&P shakers out in the trash and give some freshness!

7) Mixing bowls, oven proof casserole dishes, etc. As you can see space is limited but you will use this stuff constantly. 

8) A good size cutting board - John Boos preferred, silicon or plastic not really an essential but good to have for raw meats.

9) An Apron - I never wear it but adds some character to the kitchen!

10) Bar - A selection of the "finest" is a necessity. Trust me on this, you'll cook with it & drink it.  But most important, it's keeps guests out of the kitchen wondering what on earth you're doing:)

And finally....

The 11th essential in a NYC kitchen.

A woman's touch.

Need I say more.

Enjoy the week.

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