Saturday, January 8, 2011

Whatever happened to Joe Jr's

Saturday morning's in the W.V. just haven't been the same since that day.  The smell of fresh coffee, the plate of runny eggs, the plain site of rice pudding behind the counter.   What every West Villager used to do on an average Saturday morning disappeared overnight almost 2 years ago for reasons that no one will ever understand.

Joe was of the unique, sparse kind.  The counter seating, leather brown stools, wallpaper in need of a facelift, the local crazy who was given first class treatment above everyone else.   He didn't care for credit cards, wouldn't serve those with smart phones, nor had he ever heard of Seamless Web.  He didn't like turkey bacon, egg beater's, or dry toast.  He simply ran the place one way, made the food his way...the only way.  

"We Regret To Have To Inform Our Loyal and Steady Customers That Joe Jr's, After 35 Year, Has Lost It's Lease!  We Thank You For Your Patronage And Support.  We Will Be Closing Our Doors Permanantly on Sunday, July 5th 2009.  Again, Thank You All!"

After that last Sunday there was a subtle anger in the W.V.  There were those that put up signs, sent letters & setup local petitions.  There was even a rumor that a young woman tried to get Joe's added as a proposition on the November election.  But through all the anger nothing would ever be the same.  Joe was gone...forever.  

What actually happened to Joe back in July remains a mystery. After 35 years does one's lease run out?  The rumors of fires, code violations, rowdy pedestrians, etc all may all be but true.  Yet, a true landmark like this should never disappear.  

On July 5th, 2009 Joe closed his doors for the last time.  The smell of coffee disappeared, the plate of runny egg's was no more.  The local crazy never showed up again to eat her split pea soup.  

482 6th Ave became a vacancy, a corner without a name....and it still remains that way today.

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