Sunday, January 2, 2011

Top 10 Things I ate in 2010

As the first two days of 2011 pass by, I thought I would take a shot at delivering what I call my Top 2010 list.  A little different than what you would read by Sam Sifton or Frank Bruni.  There won't be any bonito or black truffle reduction, no five star restaurants or those that take up to 2 months to find a reservation. In all, my "top" will be dummied down for the simple man.  A man that truly enjoys food, whether medium rare or well done, whether it costs .99 cents or 20 dollars, or even if it's fresh or already prepared.  You may be a reader of this blog and feel in disagreement with my food choices..but then again I don't really care.

So with that enjoy...Feel free to add your own. 

In no particular order

1) The Lobster Roll @ Luke's Lobster - Rumor has it they only use knuckles & claws. Either way a masterpiece.  If I have one knock it was the size (although I split it with my wife!).  But for the price it's simply remarkable. 

2) Momofuku Ramen @Momofuku Noodle Bar.   Pork..Pork..and some more pork. I swear someone in my family was drinking the pork broth for dessert.  This might of been the best meal of the year in all.  Great company...great food..great fun.  Hats off to David Chang!

3) Pulled Duroc Pork sandwich @Num Pang.  I heard of this place on the Top 100 Sandwich List @grub street. Although this one didn't actually make the list, it definitely should have. The spicy honey sauce on top of the sweet pork makes a true "melt in your mouth" moment.  

4) Keste* @ Keste Pizza - Tomatoes, Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella, Prosciutto di parma, Arugula, gran cru, EVOO.   Fantistco!  Rumor has it the wood burning oven flown in directly from Naples does the trick!

5) The Speckan Wolf @ Roberta's.  I actually never been to Roberta's but got to enjoy their food 3 times over at the Madison Square Park food fair.   Another oven specialty, this place does pizza right!  

6) BBQ @ Fette Sau in Brooklyn.  Probably one of the coolest places I've ever been to.  Metal Trays, Kitchen knife beer taps & picnic tables for chow.  Brooklyn's finest. 

7) Green Falafel @ Taim.  I first heard about Taim while watching an episode of "Chopped" on the Food Network. I've always been a fan of falafel but resorted for the popular Mamoun's or Rainbow Falafel.  Needless to say the Green Falafel at Taim was the best yet.  For a mere 5 dollars you get a gigantic pita stuffed to the top with homemade falafel, hummus, Israeli salad & hot sauce!  

8) Lox, Baked Salmon Bagel @ Barney Greengrass.  One of the oldest standing joints in Manhattan, "The Sturgeon King" experience is always just right.    Fresh Lox, Hot Bagels, and an exceptional potato latke make this meal a memory.     Special thanks to Pete J. for allowing us to join the mayor's table.

9) Pescado Taco's @ La Esquina - I'm always on the hunt for great Fish Taco's.  If you haven't had the opportunity to try..put it on the list.  

And my #10 top food in 2010

10) Steak for 2 @ Wolfgangs - I'll say it again...better than Lugers.

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  1. Wow, all this good food makes me miss NYC! I will have to do a post like this for San Francisco. Glad to see that Luke's Lobster made on your top ten list.